Pickup Calendar for WooCommerce

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This plugin for WooCommerce allows customers to select a time slot from a calendar for their pickup in store.


This is a plugin for WooCommerce and it is for stores that allow customers to pick up their order during a selected time slot. This plugin adds a calendar on the checkout page which displays the availabilities for a one-week period.

This makes it easy for customers to find the next available time slot without having to choose different dates before they can finally see an available time slot. The calendar has a Previous and Next button to see the availabilities for the previous and next weeks respectively.

The administrator can define as many time slots as needed and set the days on which the defined time slots are available.

Furthermore, the administrator can be blocked a particular timeslot or all the timeslots for a particular date. It is also possible to set a list of public holidays to block all the time slots on these dates.

The availability for the time slots can be controlled by using a time-based condition (like a cut-off time for placing orders and the number of days the customer will have to wait before their orders are ready for pickup.

The settings also allow the administrator to use a colour picker to choose the colour for different elements of the calendar. This means that the store owner can change the style of the calendar without the help of a web developer. There is also the possibility to set Custom CSS styles to further change the style of the calendar.

The selected pickup date and time by the customer is saved with the order. This information is available in the list of orders in the backend as well in the order details of the customer and the administrator.

The list of orders has two additional columns for the pickup dates and the pickup times. These additional columns are sortable. It can be used to print a list of pickups for a particular date and time slot.

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