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This extension is a shipping method for delivery (cost is based on postcode), with a calendar for customers to schedule their delivery.


This Delivery Scheduler is an extension for Magento 2 and is for stores having their own delivery facility. This delivery system works on the premise that there are multiple delivery zones, each with different delivery cost and a limit on the number of deliveries per time slot.

How does it work?

Based on the customer's shipping postcode, the extension will display the cost of delivery in the Shopping Cart Estimator and in the Checkout.

In the checkout, the customer will need to choose a delivery time slot if he/she chooses the delivery method. If there are multiple shipping methods in the checkout (for example, pick up in store and delivery), the delivery calendar will not be visible if the customer chooses another shipping method (for example, pick up in store).

The delivery calendar is a responsive calendar. The selected time slot will be highlighted and closed time slots will be greyed out. Once the customer chooses an available time slot, the scheduled delivery date and time will be recorded with the order. Both the customer and the admin will see the saved delivery date/time when viewing the order. The admin will also see the delivery date and time slot in the list of orders in the backend.

Installation and Styling

The colors used for the delivery calendar matches the colors used for the default Luma theme of Magento. If you are using a different theme, we can change the colors to match the colors used for your site for an additional fee of $50.

As part of this service, we will also install and configure the extension for you. Simply tick the option (above the Add to Cart button) and we will get in touch with you.


  • Responsive delivery calendar in the checkout

    We have made it easy for the customer to see the available time slots and the blocked time slots at a glance. Unlike other extensions, the customer does not need to select a date, then see the available time slots. The customer can see the availabilities for a whole week. And, it is responsive too!!

    The customer can use the Prev and Next button to browse for weekly availabilities.

    By default, the blocked time slots are greyed out and cannot be selected. The available time slots are in white and the color changes when hovered on. The selected time slot is in orange.

    There is a separate CSS file to change these colors to match your website design and this can be done easily by a developer.

  • Optional comment field

    Customers can type instructions or comments for the delivery driver. This is useful for customers living in apartments or who will not be present to take the delivery.

    This field is optional. The administrator can enable or disable this field from the configuration of the delivery calendar.

  • General configuration

    The administrator can change the date format used in the heading of the delivery calendar from the configuration of our extension.

    There is also the setting to enable/disable the comment field under the delivery calendar, together with a field to change the text for the comment field.

  • Define your time slots

    You can easily define the time slots that you work with. Each time slot can be of any duration. You can have early time slots of, say, 1 hour each and busy time slots of, say 2 hours. You know what works for you and we made it easy to configure from the backend.

    You can also choose the days on which a time slot will be available. For example, if you do not deliver on Sundays you can easily set this condition.

    You can also add as many time slots as you need or remove time slots later on.

  • Availability Condition

    You can set a cut-off time for same day delivery or next day delivery.

    As you can see in the example, the configuration is reading "If the time is before 13:00, then next day delivery is available, otherwise, the next available delivery will be in 2 days.".

    If you do not need a cut-off time, then just set the 'Time Before' field to '00:00'.

  • Define your delivery zones

    This is useful if you have a large delivery area and you have drivers for each delivery zone.

    By creating a delivery zone, you can easily identify which orders will be delivered by drivers for a particular delivery area. For example, you can print all orders for delivery area A and hand over these orders for the driver of that area.

    Using the Delivery Zones configuration makes it easy to define those delivery areas and set the delivery cost you will charge to your customers. You can also set the maximum number of deliveries per time slot for each delivery zone. For example, you can make fewer deliveries in a delivery area far from your despatch point.

    Each delivery zone is defined by a list of postcodes. We have also made it easy for you by allowing to use a range (from postcode X to postcode Y). The list is comma-separated and it can consist of individual postcode and ranges.

  • Block any time slots

    You can easily block a time slot for a particular date or you can block all time slots for a particular date.

    This is useful if you know that you will not be able to make deliveries on public holidays or for any other reason.

    Simply select a date, and select the time slots which should be blocked on the delivery calendar.

    You can add as many blocked time slots as you need and you can remove old blocked time slots which are no longer required to keep the list easy to manage.

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