Why to use our TNT Express Connect shipping extension for Magento 2

About TNT and Express Web Services

"TNT is one of the world's leading providers of business-to-business express delivery services. TNT is able to offer its customers an extensive domestic and international network, integrated with the latest technology. This allows TNT to provide a unique combination of on-demand, time-sensitive, door-to-door services around the world."

"TNT's Express web services provide the ability to integrate the power of TNT's distribution network into your company systems. This will give you seamless access and integration of TNT solutions and gives your online business a truly global reach. It is perfect for shippers that accept online orders. Using standard ‘XML’ technology, Express web services provides TNT’s shipping, pricing and tracking interfaces within your own warehouse management and order processing systems."

Cart Abandonment

For an online store, cart abandonment is a big problem as it can result in a loss of its sales over 75% on average. For some industries, the average cart abandonment is as high as 83.6%.

Two of the most cited studies as to why visitors add items to their cart just to leave your site without making a purchase are below.

Statista - Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons 2016

(Source: Statista)

Baymard Institute - Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

(Source: Baymard Institute)

As you can see from the above images, the biggest reasons for abandoned carts are unexpectedly high shipping cost and no availability of express shipping.

Benefits of using our TNT Express Connect shipping extension for Magento 2

Usually, store owners use a flat rate for shipping cost based on weight. This flat rate is usually more expensive than what you will pay to ship the order to your customers as you have set a flat rate to cover a large area of delivery and this is the biggest reason for cart abandonment.

Our TNT Express Connect shipping extension allows your store to calculate the shipping cost of the products in the shopping cart accurately and reliably. This is done by sending the products' weight and dimensions to TNT's Express web service to get the shipping rates from your TNT account. No more overcharged shipping! Unlike a flat shipping rate, this means it is a realistic shipping cost for all your customers.

Seeing that you will ship the order using TNT's Express services, your customers will be excited as they know they will receive their purchase rapidly. This excitement is what will push your customers to complete their purchase.

TNT offers various express shipping services, but most store owners have their preferred service(s) they use for shipping orders. Our TNT Express Connect shipping extension allows you to select only the shipping service(s) you use from the configuration. This means that the customer will get a rate for the services you use for shipping, and not for a service which you do not use. The cost the store charges your customers for shipping will be the same cost you will pay to TNT.

Fully disclosed costs and transparency is valued highly by online shoppers and is crucial for store success. Some industries charge a handling fee on top of the shipping cost for whatever reasons deemed necessary. If you need to charge a handling fee, you can set a fixed amount or percentage per item or per order in the configuration. You can let your customers know that the shipping cost includes a handling fee by setting an appropriate title for the shipping method.

If your customers enter a delivery address to which TNT cannot deliver (for example, a PO Box or Road Side Delivery), you will need to contact the customer to get the right delivery address. Our TNT shipping extension validates the delivery address during the checkout and will prompt the customer to enter a valid address. You no longer have to contact customers because of a wrong delivery address. You save time and money on shipping operations and no more delays to despatch your orders. More happy customers as orders are despatched on time and unnecessary contact is avoided.

By using our TNT Express Connect shipping extension for your store to reduce cart abandonment, you will save time and money which would be spent to recover sales, and you can focus on improving your sales. Bottom line, our TNT Express Connect shipping extension for Magento 2, will help you to increase your sales and improve your customers' satisfaction.

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