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Australia Post shipping extension for Magento 2. It calculates the cost of posting the items in the customer's shopping cart by Australia Post. This extension can be used for calculating the cost of shipping domestic and international letters, parcels, and satchels.


About Australia Post

Australia Post provides reliable and affordable postal services to individuals and businesses in Australia. It provides a wide range of powerful domestic and international delivery tools, services and solutions that grow with your business. Australia Post will help you sell online, target the right customers and delight them with every delivery. Australia Post provides an API called the Postage Assessment Calculator (PAC) to calculate postage of domestic and international deliveries. Access to the PAC API is available for free and does not require any additional charge.

About our Extension

Our Australia Post shipping extension for Magento 2 has been built by our Magento experts to be as flexible as possible. Our extension allows your store to calculate an accurate shipping cost for delivery your customer's orders through Australia Post. The extension uses the Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator (PAC) API to get live shipping rates in real-time.

Why use our Australia Post extension?

1. Live shipping rates

Our extension will always fetch the shipping rates from Australia Post's PAC API. Whenever Australia Post changes its rates, your store will also charge your customers the new rates. No manual update is required.

2. A wide range of services

Our Australia Post shipping extension support all the delivery services provided by Australia Post. This includes Letter, Parcel, and Satchel services for both domestic and international shipping. Based on the dimensions and weight of the items in the shopping cart, your store will display only the delivery services available from Australia Post, based on your own selection. If your items will not fit in satchels or you do not enable satchel services, your store will not give your customers the options to use satchels.

3. Services selection

The administrator can select only the delivery services you use with Australia Post. You can also select the options (standard delivery, signature on delivery) and sub-options (extra cover, delivery confirmation) you want to offer to your customers.

4. User-friendly display of rates

Your customers will see meaningful names for the Australia Post services and options. For example, if your store has Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover options enabled, your customers will see separate shipping options for each option.

5. Extensive configuration options

Our Australia Post shipping extension for Magento 2 has an extensive list of options to allow you to fully customize this shipping method to your business needs. You can choose how to add handling fee (per order, per package, per item, fixed or percentage).

6. Weight and size

Our extension will use both the weight and dimension of your products to get accurate shipping rates from Australia Post. If your products do not have their package size set, our shipping extension will use the default size set in the configuration of our extension.

7. Divide order weight

If the shopping cart contains multiple items which exceed the maximum weight allowed by Australia Post, our extension will automatically divide the order into multiple parcels.

8. Divide order if the maximum length or cubic volume is exceeded

If the shopping cart contains multiple items which exceed the maximum length or cubic volume allowed by Australia Post, our extension will automatically divide the order into multiple parcels.

Points to Note

  • An API Key for accessing Australia Post's PAC API is required. Register for a free API key here:
  • Please be aware of Australia Post's shipping guidelines regarding size and weight:
  • Australia Post has a weight limit of 22kg and 20kg for domestic and international shipping respectively. If the order exceeds the maximum weight, the extension will divide the order into multiple packages of equal weight and size.
  • It is recommended to set the weight and dimensions for all products in the backend.